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Director, Writer, Actor and Storyteller.

There is no easy way to explain everything I can and love to do. Below is a collection of work that I've had a heavy hand in creating from directing, writing, producing and acting.

Directed - Jack & Jill (Produced, wrote, starred)

Jack and Jill follows two government agents as they go undercover. The mission: Become Arnold Uvarov's right hand and uncover the reason why SINE'S eastern block is kidnapping children. Everything is going according to plan until the two fall in love with each other.

Jack and Jill was a collaboration between Mountain Bar Productions and an insanely talented crew. The action packed drama was shot over 5 days with a crew of over twenty. Two of those days were action only with the leads both putting in 10 hours of fighting.

This is episode 1 of 3 that are planned out. The goal is to tell a complete story over the course of a short film that will also play into an overarching story over 3 episodes. Showcasing an ability to cleanly tell stories in a short form (T.V. / episodic) or long form (Feature leagnth) format.

Produced - The Block (Created, wrote, starred.)




A young writer searches for inspiration in a cafe outside of San Jose...The Block spawned from writers block. 

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